SCC | Contest: Testicle Tug of War MvM
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Testicle Tug of War MvM

AKA: Balls Tug of War MvM; Tug of War MvM

Two men face each other a few feet apart. A female judge ties string (leather or silk is preferable) around the top of their ball sacks of each man so that their testicles are constricted below the loop. This is a similar concept as the Ball Supporter except that the two men's balls are tied together. Their balls may be lassoed so that if the end of the string is pulled the tension is increased. The female judge attaches the string together so each man has one end of the string attached to their balls. Each man then steps or pulls backwards slowly until the tension is taken up. By pulling back each man increases tension on their own testicles and their opponents. By pulled back the each man pulls the other by the balls.

A line can be dawned between them and as they pull backwards the men can try to force the other over the line, like a tug-of-war game, and whichever man crosses the line first looses. Alternatively the men can just pull either trying to just do damage to the others balls, continue until one loses an erection or just continue until one man gives up.

The men should not use any other part of their body to touch the string other than their ball sack. To ensure this the female judge may wish to tie the men's arms behind their backs. But the men could decide to combine this balls-tied-together with another cockfight, like a Joust, where the men try to both use their erections to attach each other while also pulling on the other's testicles.

There is also a couples version of the Testicle Tug of War where two couples get together to compete sexually by the men having a tug of war with their balls.

Commonly this contest continues until one man submits by saying "you have better balls."

The female judge may assist by wearing provocative clothing and physically stimulating either or both men as sexual stimulation will increase the stamina of the combatants.

This can be extremely dangerous, and should only be done by two men who both agree that they might do serious damage to the others sexuality.

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