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Victory Sex

AKA: fuck her right on top of the losing woman; fuck the winner; Fucking the Winner (FvF); Winner Sex (FvF); Winner's Sex (FvF)

Victory Sex is not a contest but a consequence of the contest. After the winner of a sexual contest is determined, it only makes sense for the winning woman to claim her man. Since it is a sexual contest, the winning woman presumably wants to have sex with her man. Seeing the winner's pussy take in and absorb the man's cock, extracting his cum out of it him, should leave no doubt in the loser's mind at the totality of her defeat. If the point of the women getting into a catfight is that they both want the same man, the winning woman would want to claim the man on the spot, literally demonstrate possession of him by taking him into her body.

Since humiliation and domination is often part and parcel of the sexual contest, the winner may in fact want the losing woman to stay and watch the sex. This might reduce the possibility for the losing woman to lay claim to the man in the future, and it will certainly create a lasting impression for the losing woman. Naturally the losing woman will probably not want to stay for this display. So when two women fight for a man, the winner might want to restrain the loser so she is forced to watch the winner "lay claim" to her man.

One common way this is done, is for the winner to pin the loser down. At the end of a catfight, the winner has likely pinned the loser down anyway. A few women have written to report that hearing the other woman give up is a sexual thrill in itself. The winner could certainly begin her dominance statement over the loser by pressing her Breasts to the Face / Breast Smother of the loser. While straddling the other woman, the winner has a measure of control over the losing woman.

In that position, with the winner pinning down the loser, the man can insert his erection into the winning woman's pussy from behind while the winner continues to pin the loser. The loser is held down and can look up to see the faces of the man she wants fuck, and her rival as they fuck. Her feeling of lose will only be compounded by the sight of pleasure in the faces of her rival and the man they were fighting for.

The winning woman can bring her pussy down in very close proximity to the losers pussy so that the loser might even feel the man entering the woman. Such an experience would be put a decisive end to any sexual conflict between two women.

In the picture of the two girls in lingerie fighting (the the left and right here) depicted on this page, they are going after each other's sexuality, by kneeing the groin, pulling hair and grabbing breasts. This makes it an excellent example of an Extreme Catfight. They would probably do better in the fight if they chose other tactics, but they need to assault the sexuality of the other woman because of their sexual competition for the man they both want. When the brunette in the white lingerie wins the fight, she wants the man they are fighting for to fuck her. But she wants him to fuck her while she pins down the redhead she just defeated. This is an entirely appropriate, fitting, end to an extreme catfight. Imagine being the redhead, being pinned down by your rival as she pinches your breasts, and the man you lusted after, the man you were willing to fight for, sticks he is cock into her, the bitch that has taken him from you. When he pumps his cock into your rival and willingly blasts his come into her, you can feel his come enter her as the weight of their bodies press down on you. At that point, the sexual contest is truly over and it's unlikely the redhead would seek that man ever again.

There is a male vs male equivalent Victory Sex for the aftermath of a cockfight.

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