SCC | Contest: Breasts to the Face / Breast Smother
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Breasts to the Face / Breast Smother

AKA: Boobs in her Face; Boobs in the Face; Boobs to the Face; Breast Smother; Breast Smothering; Breasts in her Face; Breasts in the Face; Breasts to the Face; Smothering; Tits in her Face; Tits in the Face; Tits to the Face

What better way to stick it to your rival than to mash your breasts in her face?

Either as a humiliating ending to a contest or as a contest to itself, this is a powerful symbol of one female dominating another. Often called a Smothering Fight, for some women forcing her opponent into this position is the objective of a fight. Before wrestling or engaging in a rules catfight, women will often decide in advance whether smothering is legal or boast that she will smother her opponents face in her breasts.

Every woman fears having her rivals breasts stuffed in her face and relishes doing so to her enemy. Covering the face of one's opponent is symbolism enough, representing the control of the other's senses and being. But as a woman's breasts are sexual, when the winner of a contest presses her breasts into the face of her adversary it is a direct declaration of sexual dominance that every woman understands instinctively.

In itself mashing your breasts into your opponents face is safe, but it could be a little dangerous to the loser if her airways are covered too long. And the loser might bite.

Often the term smothering or breast smothering refers to pressing ones breasts into the other face, smothering her and perhaps depriving her of air.

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