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Custom Double Dildo

AKA: Custom Dildo; Customized Dildo; Customized Double Dildo; Double Dildo

When two women are competing to win a man, that man will always compare the woman's pussies. One criteria he may use to choose which woman he will pick is which pussy he likes better. And so in a sexual competition the women may chose to match their pussies against each other to demonstrate to the man which woman has the better sexual control with her pussy. In many pussy contests, the women competing use a double dildo, each woman sharing an opposite end (like the Dildo Claim, Dildo Pull "Tug of War", Dildo Push contest).

The symbolism is pretty powerful: the woman who can control the dildo with her pussy while it's also inside her rival's pussy is making quite a statement about which woman has the better cock-control and better pussy. When the man watching sees one woman taking control of the double dildo from another woman while they share it, he'll certainly have the impression that that woman will have better control over his cock in her pussy.

There are thousands of companies that sell double dildos. The women should agree before the contest on the type of double dildo they will use (the man should not just pick it). If the double dildo is too soft and bendable the contest may not work as the dildo will bend and fall out. A hard inflexible dildo could be problematic as it might to damage if the women shove it into them too hard. But maybe the women want to take that chance, even want to use their pussies in an attempt to hurt the other's pussy. In any event, it's always wise, and can be very erotic, to talk over the rules of a pussy fight before just jumping into it. Determine safe words like "your pussy is better than mine" to declare when to stop the fight and what tactics are legal or should be avoided.

One thing to consider is the that the double dildo used in many pussy fights is a stand-in for the cock of the man the women are fighting for. Demonstrating control over the double dildo is demonstrating to the man that one pussy is had better control than the other. It makes sense then that the double dildo should be as similar as possible to the man's erection that the women are fighting for. There are several companies that set kits that men can use to make a model of their erection. They tend to range from $40 to a few hundred and are of various quality. All of them make "single headed" dildos. The way you make it (you can internet search yourself for details) is to insert the man's erection into a cast and let it harden. Then after extracting the erection, you have a mold. You pour in a plastic into the mold and after it hardens you have a likeness of the erection. If you are going to take the extra step of making a double dildo, you will have to do this twice and cut off the ball sack part of the dildo. Then adding some super glue and letting the two copies of the erection dry together, they will bond making a double dildo replica of the man's erection.

Using this double dildo of the man's erection, the women will be pussy fighting using a dildo that is as close to the man's erection as possible. And the women's fight for cock control will be as close to fighting for the man's cock that they are fighting for as can be.

There is nothing dangerous about a custom double dildo (this item is labeld "Safe") but it could be used in a contest that is very dangerous.

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