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Breast Press Fight

AKA: Breast Press!; Breast Pressing; Breast to Breast Fight; Breast to Breast Fighting; Pushing Breasts Together

In this contest, each woman uses her breasts to attempt to punish her rival's breasts. The goal being for the women to demonstrate to the guy they are fighting for whose breasts are firmer, stronger, more dominant than her rival's breasts. This is one of the many kinds of contests that are often called "tit-fights," many are listed in the Breast Contests ("Titfights") listings.

Two women line up their breasts nipple to nipple. On the signal from the male judge, the women press their breasts together. They may hug or pull back and slam forward. They should take care to keep their breasts in constant contact. The male judge should watch to ensure that the women do not knock a shoulder or use hands to attack the other's breasts. The point of this contest is not to see whose shoulders or hands can do damage to the breast, but a pure female sexuality pressed against female sexuality contest. The women should agree to where they place their hands before the fight. If they hug, placing their hands on the other's scapula or upper back, they would be able to bring the other's chest in tight. The women continue to press their breasts together until one gives up by declaring that the other woman "has better breasts."

Obviously a breast to breast fight is an intimate encounter where the women are face to face in a bizarre cooperative attempt to cause each other pain. The women must work together, coordinate and cooperate with each other in order to keep their breasts lined up and in contact, in order to do harm to the others breasts. The winner has the pleasure of not only having the man they are fighting for see her sexuality dominate her rival's sexuality, but because this is such an intimate contest, the winner has the additional pleasure of looking the loser right in the eyes, feeling her heart beat, and embracing her tightly, as the loser must admit her inadequacy and the winner's superiority in front of the man they are fighting for.

The sexual symbolism is obvious. A woman's breasts are both an erogenous zone and a body part that she uses to attract men. A woman's breasts are a tangible part of her sexuality. So in this contest, each woman literally and physically matches a part of her sexuality against her rival's sexuality, probing, grinding and challenging the other woman, until one woman's sexuality does damage to the other's. The women place themselves in a position where the man they both want can see one set of breasts, one woman's sexuality, dominate and crush her rival's.

There are various tactics. The women may just crush and grind to try to wear down the other. This kind of breast to breast fight may be just a matter of an endurance contest to see which woman can take the pressure longer. The women may try to use her own nipples to find sore points in her rivals breast to stick her. The women may agree to use ice cubes to harden their nipples. Then they would move their hardened nipples around to probe the other's breasts, each woman seeking a weak point in the other's breast. It would be like a game of battleship where each woman probes and tries to drive home a painful jab with her nipple while her rival does the same. Women may get satisfaction in lining up nipple to nipple in an attempt to drive one's rival's nipples back into her body. In either case, the symbolism of invading the other's body is a clear sign of dominance.

The women should really be of equal or very close in size for a fair match. Most accounts on the internet of this kind of contest are between women with very large breasts. Most of the audience for this material are men, and there seem to be a correlation between the love of big breasts and male interest in these kind of breast contests. Women with small chests can certainly breast fight too though. In fact, women with smaller breasts will have more intense breast press fights. They will be closer together, their faces will be closer to feel the others breath. And with less between the women and the others rib cage, when two women with small chests grind them together, they will be more hard bones involved in the contact.

Generally, all other things being equal, the woman with the firmer breasts prevails. The breasts of the losing woman will accordion or mushroom back. Often both women's breasts will mushroom back. By grinding and rotating her upper body the woman with the firmer breasts can actually move and rotate the woman with the softer breasts and demonstrate to the man they are fighting for some control over the other woman's body.

Typically these breast to breast contests may take some time, up to many hours. At first nothing may happen. Breasts are soft and it will take some time for one breast to do any significant harm to another breast to the point where one woman would give up.

There is a couples variation of this contest, called Assisted Breast Press where the men assist in the breast press fight.

Finally, it's quite common for the Breast Press Fight to end in the winner pressing her Breasts to the Face / Breast Smother of the loser.

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