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Extreme Catfight

AKA: Extreme Catfighting

In an extreme catfight two women fight until one woman submits declaring the other is better or one woman is knocked out. But since this is still a Catfight, as opposed to just a brawl or "no-holds barred" fight, the qualities of the catfight remain: the goal of sexually humiliating and fighting for sexual dominance usually to win the sexual attention of a man.

There are few rules to an extreme catfight. This is distinguished from a Rules Catfight where the women agree beforehand what kinds of attacks are not allowed. Of course, two women can agree ahead of time to have an extreme catfight. In an extreme catfight, one or both of the women will get hurt and can be very dangerous. Sometimes passions run too hot and the women must tear into each other to settle their differences. Either way, it's very important for the man they are fighting for to break up the combatants if and when too much damage has been done. He may declare breaks in the combat for the women to get some water, fix their outfits and get a chance to give up. He might be able to suggest some other kind of contest that is less dangerous. But if the contest between two women is to win the man, their dispute will most likely not end until one woman admits before the other woman and the man that she gives up and admits the other woman is the better woman. The man should be on the look out for one woman submitting.

It's wise to have a "safe word" or phrase where one woman can indicate she is done. It may not be enough to just say "I give up," but rather she may have to state that the winning woman is sexier or has a better body. After such an exertion the winner may very well want to press the point home to the loser. Before or during the contest, the women should make clear what the consequence of losing is like face sitting, Victory Sex or some other kind of humiliation. After all if the women are fighting for the man, the conclusion of the fight should involve claiming the man. If one says the safe word, the contest should stop or be stopped by someone.

Even in an extreme fight certain debilitating attacks should not be allowed. These include anything that can result in broken bones, attacks to the eyes and throat, and anything that punctures the skin. They may want to keep Biting & Scratching top a minimum or the man they are fighting for should probably intervene to keep the women from doing so. But because it is extreme it's assumed that extreme attacks are possible like Breast Squeezing/Mauling and Hair Pulling (including Pubic Hair Pulling) is allowed.

Weapons should not be allowed. Optionally soft weapons like pillows may be allowed but this will detract from the extreme nature. The women may choose to Garterbelt Connecting to keep them in close contact during the fight.

Classically for it to be an erotic extreme catfight each woman should wear something sexy and seek to make herself sexier than her opponent at all times. What distinguishes an extreme catfight from other kinds of extreme fights is the sexual nature of the contest. Women should seek to reduce the sexual desirability of her opponent by destroying her opponent's lingerie, messing up her hair and exposing her opponent in unflattering ways. That's taken further in an extreme catfight, where the women go after each others breasts and sometimes pussies as they battle to win the man they both want.

An extreme catfight is not just extreme in the combat but also in the aftermath. The consequence of losing and winning is extreme. And the intensity of the catfight will raise the intensity of the consequences. Humiliation of the loser and the sexual dominance of the winner is always part of a catfight, but in an extreme catfight these consequences are also extreme.

The winner of the fight gets the man. But given the intensity of an extreme catfight usually that is not enough and the winner often humiliates the loser. This is commonly done by face sitting (see picture to the right). The loser has to take in the winner's pussy up close being a classic sexual dominance position. Having the winners pussy shoved in the loser's face leaves the loser with a clear sense of sexual defeat.

But even after such humiliations, the decisive point of the conflict is the winner claiming that the man the women were fighting for. As a result of the fight, the winner should take her prize, and to press the point home so there is no future doubt, and the loser should witness this. After expending so much energy, the winning woman would not want the loser coming back the next day or week disputing the outcome of the contest. The most obvious way for the winner assert her victory and claim her man is for the winner to fuck the man while the loser watches. Or if the winner really wanted to put it to the loser, she could pin the loser down while the man they fought for fucked the winner - see Victory Sex.

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