SCC | Contest: Pubic Hair Pulling FvF
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Pubic Hair Pulling FvF

AKA: Pulling Pubic Hair FvF; Pulling Pussy Hair; Pussy Hair Pulling

Two women attempt to inflict some pain on each other by pulling each others pubic hair.

A male judge takes a rubber band and twirls it around each woman's pubic hair so that it is thoroughly entwined. A little super glue can be added to the rubber band to solidify it.

The two women face each other, either standing or sitting with right leg over the rivals left. The male judge uses some string to tie the rubber bands together. The women then pull back and attempt to pull the others public hair out.

If agreed upon beforehand the women can also engage in one of any Breast Contests ("Titfights") and or a double dildo contest like Dildo Pull "Tug of War", Dildo Push, or Dildo Claim.

The contest continues until one woman conceeds. If the string or rubber band breaks the man can attach it.

Alternately, the women can use their hands to pull hair but this would create unequal force. It is a more equal challenge if both women endure the same force.

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