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Pussy Fights (FvF)

AKA: Pussy Battle; Pussy Fights; Pussy to Pussy'

What better and more direct sexual contest can two women have than to match their pussies against each other's? Here are several contests where they can do that. There probably can be no more intimate and emotionally devastating or exhilarating contest between two women than a pussy contest.

For many of these contests, the women place their vaginas, their sexuality, in direct contact in order to either dominate or engage in some test to show to the man they are fighting for some way that one woman's pussy is better than another's.

Many of the contests feature the struggle between the women to control a double dildo. The notion is that the woman who demonstrates to the man the women are fighting for mastery of the double dildo (while shared by both women's pussies), that woman probably has better skill/talent/abilities with her pussy, and most likely would be able to pleasure the man better. One of the items below is not a contest but a tool, the Custom Double Dildo is something that the trio should consider before engaging in a double dildo contest.

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