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Cock Fight (MvM)

AKA: Cock-Fight; Cock-Fighting; Cock-Fights; CockFight; CockFighting; CockFights; Dick Fight; Dick Fighting; Dick Fights; Dick-Fight; Dick-Fighting; Dick-Fights

A cockfight contest is as it sounds, two men fighting or competing with their erections with the goal of proving who is the better man by rendering the other man limp. The man with the sole surviving erection is dominant, and so demonstrates to the woman they are fighting for who is the only viable male.

Many women love to see men competing. In most societies, women prefer to have men pursuing them in general than they pursuing men. There are in fact many social taboos against aggressive women. This leads to men competing for women as mates. The term "suitor" is a good example of this. But if you think about knights in shining armour in jousting matches on their horses to win the favor of the princess or fencers dueling with swords over honor, it's not hard to pick up on a sexual metaphor. Women often fantasize about men competing for their honor. There are many socially acceptable examples of men competing for the attention/affection of women.

For many women, the thought of two men competing to see who could sexually please her the best is quite an ego rush. Women who are open to threesomes tend to also love the idea of them men competing with their erections to win her, either as a game or a serious contest.

Why is there so little cockfight material on the internet? Almost all male vs. male sexual contests on the net uses the work cockfight as a euphemism for homosexual sex. That is a turn off for straight men for the most part, so the topic is suppressed by a homophobic response. The best homosexual site on this topic that I have found is the Cockrub Warriors that proposes that men fighting with their cocks is a form of male bonding. For gays this may be, but for straight men the only reason to fight would be the opposite, to defeat and establish dominance. Heterosexual men do not find the site of another cock appealing in the slightest. They may indeed see it as a threat or something repulsive. The cockfight is means to defeat, damage, and/or dispel this threat. This is not to say that these homosexual sites are wrong in their use of the term cockfight. In fact, they reflect what the common thinking is.

The focus of this web site is a heterosexual form a of cockfighting, a perhaps more rare form of cock sports but more in line with the notion of fighting to win a mate. Other references to cockfights either use the word as a joke, or something else that have nothing to do with two cocks fighting. But to many people a cockfight is a fight either between two birds or between two male sexual organs, with a strict use of the words "cock" and "fight" -- either case it is serious and often dangerous. There really is only one reason two men would attempt to use their cocks to hurt each other (i.e. fight), and that would be determine some sexual dominance. And that would almost always be done to win the sexual attention of a woman. Since the mutual stimulation/homosexual version is so common, and I'm not really interested in it, this site will focus on the more literal meaning of cockfight, a fight between two males trying to defeat each other for a sexual prize (sexual superiority, access to a female, etc.). The goal being not stimulation (although that may happen), but in most (but not all) cases, hurting or "deflating" the opponent, which usually is the opposite of stimulation. Of course, two men exposing their genitals to each other is sexual and so then by definition is same or "homo"-sexual. But since the goal of the fight is, in the context of this site, to emasculate one's opponent, not have some kind of mutual pleasure, and since the other man is an obstacle to the affections of a female, it's not what would be called a homosexual thing at all in the normal use of the term. Really, this is something many homosexuals would fine objectionable. (Most other people would too).

Even with the lack of material of male sexual contests, it seems to be a natural thing for people to joke and think about (e.g. the term "cock block"). The male sexual organ is something that sticks out like a sword or lance. People joke about their cock being a weapon. But jokes aside, there are men who do, in fact, use their erections like weapons and fight each other with them. Men find each other via internet web sites and have arguments about whose cock is better, even going so far as using web cameras to test each other in Cock Cam contests. Most of these contests are just to compare size, or are contests like seeing which is the First to Get Hard, or Erection Longevity] tests. For many women size is not important, and are not interested in cockfighting for the most part. Consistently women state it's not the size but the motion. To men who are going to use their erections as a weapon to attack their male rivals genitals, size really does matter. When men fret about their cock size, they are thinking more about relative size to other men than actually what satisfies women. The notion being that in competing for women the bigger the cock the better. Women who console men by saying size doesn't matter are missing this primal sexual competitive drive that men have. It is absolutely true that a man with a smaller erection can please a woman better than a man with a larger erection (that might even be painful to her). That is critically important to know, but is not relevant to the competitive drive the men have in a cockfight. Men may, and should, compete to see which man can give better oral sex to the woman they are competing for, but it wouldn't lessen the men's desire to demonstrate that their erection is best. To the initiate a cockfight is about size. In a Joust, when the men try to spear each others balls with their erections, it would seem that the man with the longer, bigger cock could have a huge advantage. If you think about it, a man with a smaller cock could get under the bigger man and pummel his nuts more easily than the larger man could do to the smaller man. The size of the erection in a cock fight may be very important to the fight but bigger may not always be better. It's far more interesting when the men are of equal size. To the more experienced cockfight aficionado, the battle of wills, the clash of egos, the mashing of equal male assets is much more thrilling. If the men both sport 5 inchers or 8 inchers makes no difference so long as they match up equally. Then in a test to see which man has the best cock there is a mental battle, a tactical battle of genital dexterity and hormonal/chemical fight at play. After a contest of unequals the size can be blamed, but when two equals clash, the consequences of losing are more profound psychologically. The same holds true for age and weight. Leaner athletic men will beat fat out of shape men. Younger men will beat older men. Or in some contests, more experienced men (older) will beat less experienced men (younger). While an upset might be of interest to some, a serious clash of egos and test of sexual superiority is going to best occur between two men of equal size, physical health, and age. For the most part a woman will have a type of man she prefers (older men, athletes, tall/short, etc.) so if she is lucky to have two fighting for her it's likely the men will match up. If they don't she should do them the favor and pick the one she would be happiest with before the fight.

Cockfighting is rejected by two forces that are often in conflict. The male homosexuals would confuse the term thinking that fighting is a means of stimulation, and the homophobic would think the same. Women who are into it, generally are not that vocal, and there are few men would might consider doing it (what guy would take the chance of having his cock defeated in front of the woman he lusts after) or admit to doing it. All this means that you won't hear very much about cockfighting and it will be a rare occurrence.

So why would men do this? Some are into the sadomasochistic quality of it. There are some people into humiliation, and so get a sexual thrill from losing. There is a cuckold fetish that is a concept where a man gets a sexual thrill from losing his woman to another man. This is often expressed in stories where a man's cock is so short that he loses his woman to another man and is humiliated. Other men have a naturally competitive drive and when competing for a woman would consider this ultimate male sexual test. Some men have a like of sadistic side and take pleasure in seeing their own cocks make other cocks go limp and the humiliation of the other man. But unlike sadists who are attracted to masochists, these men seek out other similar "sadistic" men to arrange duels to attempt to hurt each other. Both men have such desire to do pain (physically but mostly psychologically) to the other that they are willing to take the chance of being hurt themselves. Maybe you are a man who is interested in cockfighting but are not willing to or ready to take the physical challenge.

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